A phenomenal, and instant, designer solution created with our steel planters and Living Wall Hedges.

When the landscape designers of Natural Habitats were tasked with the last minute job of creating a greener entrance to the new Commercial Bay development in Auckland's CBD, literally hours before the Prime Minister was to open the grand new venue, it was us at Tiny Anvil who received the call.

Our planters are spectacular on their own, be they colored steel or corten steel, but they look otherwise pretty empty without, well, some spectacular plantings to go in them. The solution to complete the look came from Living Walls Hedging from Twining Valley Nurseries. Their ready to go hedging, combined with our Tiny Anvil designed steel planters finished the entrance perfectly, and in a way that was subtle, yet sophisticated in it's beauty.

We have a great variety of sizes and shapes of planters that will provide you with what you have been looking for in your own designed space.

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