Frame your trees for a clean, sophisticated planted area

You will see them framing the bases of rows of trees on boulevards, and individual trees and shrubs occupying open spaces in garden grounds, or front yards around the country. Tree rings, or tree frames, add to the look of the planting without taking away from the beauty of the tree or shrub itself.

A fantastic idea in practice, they ensure protection for the base of the tree while also creating an element of order, and alignment, with other plantings. However, very often they are created with wood, plastic or bricks, with the issue that after a short length of time they degrade, become misplaced, with the result that a great look to start with ends up with a general look of disarray.

Corten steel has long been known as the perfect accompaniment for plantings of any sort. Its organic nature allows the ability to blend in with other elements in garden environments, such as stone, sand, and of course the plants themselves. Utilising this wonderful type of steel in the fabrication of tree rings and frames, one can achieve the desired outcome of enhancing the look of any tree, in any position... in rows or as a solitary example of flora in a field.

Both rings and square frames do the job in elegant fashion, with the size or diameter determined by the size, type, and position of the planting, as well as the aesthetic of the designer working to create and define a particular style and look.

We offer rings in four standard sizes from 600mm, up to 1.2 m, and we can make frames to measure.

For those looking to enhance the look of existing plantings, or replace worn and unsightly old frames with something more robust and fashionable, we offer an array of solutions for the gardener and landscape designer alike.

Our web site is a great place to start, so please visit us there, and take your time to peruse the wonderful line of corten features that we have created for your garden and designed space.

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