How to get that corten "look", without the corten?

Corten is certainly all the rage, and for excellent reason. It's longevity, durability, and fabulous patina make it a favourite of landscape and interior designers alike, and more architects are featuring corten in their projects for everything from stairs to façades.

But, what if you're one of those fussy people who, though they love the look, are worried about transfer to your guests light coloured clothing of the orange dust that makes corten look so great, or you just can't have the "bleed" onto you deck or pathway? We have the solution...

By using a powder coat that, elementally, has some of the same make up, and certainly produces the same look as corten, though with a cleaner finish, we are able to accomodate our fussiest and most demanding customers.

We still use very robust electroplated galvanised steel sheet that is cut and welded to shape. We then do a layer of black powder coat, re-bake the planter and over-coat it with our premium corten colour.

What you get is a great looking product that is as similar to the colour and texture of treated corten as anything that is available.

Though we do hold some of our "corten colour" items on the shelf, as it is a premium powder coat colour we generally make to order. Lead time is normally only one week, so we do have the ability to offer the same fast timeline as we can offer with delivered products.

Come in and see this fabulous new product in person at our Penrose showroom and warehouse.

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