Spectacular and simple garden edging

Walk down any New Zealand street rife with well tended and designed gardens and outdoor areas and you are sure to happen onto an eye catching section of corten steel garden edging. One might wonder at the spectacular cost associated with the spectacular look that comes with corten steel garden edging. Interestingly, the ease of installation and cost are both more than controllable with @tinyanvil corten edging.

At Tiny Anvil designed steel we have a number of great solutions, and you will find them all quite simply to work with and install... and the look is clean and stylish as well.

Coming in two metre sections, and easily cut down otherwise, our standard corten steel edging stands 80mm above ground level, with integrated spikes for an installation that pretty much anyone can handle with ease. Our sheath spikes have the dual function of securing the corten edging to the ground, and covering the seams between sections.

We use two gauges and styles, with our 1.7mm flexible corten edging making it simple to place around curved areas, and our 3mm arciform straight lines for that subtle yet distinguished look for your pathway. Both utilise our 2mm corten steel sheath spikes to secure them in place.

If you are not a frequent visitor to our Instagram page, make sure you have a perusal and check out our instructional video, and see for yourself just how simply it is to easily enhance the look of your planted area or pathway.

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