Trellis Love;

Tame Your Climbers

Every gardener loves a good climbing plant, be it a fruiting vine like our beloved Passionfruit, or something more scented like a Star Jasmine. They look so inviting in their little pots at your local nursery, but behind that beautiful aesthetic "creeps" a monster in the making... that is, unless you are able to tame the beast!

The simplest and easiest way to keep those vines under control, and looking spectacular, is by ensuring they have something to train onto. From there, it is "only" a matter of doing the pruning to suit your desired look.

Our @tinyanvilnz trellis comes in two sizes, and two colours. Matching our line of steel planters, both 1200mm and 1400mm widths are available in the 1800mm tall trellis', and of course they are able to be matched to our Corten weathering steel, or black powder coated planters. Designed to help you create a seamless look in your planted area, patio, entranceway, or even inside your home or office, we have multiple styles of planters that can stand alone with a trellis, or mix and match to create an exceptional look.

Apart from matching our trellis with our spectacular planter boxes, they can also be attached to any fence or wall, or hung from a veranda or pergola, allowing your climbers, our even trained trees to hover above you as you take in the ambiance and relax in your own personal planted space; from grapes to limes, trained fruit trees are visually seductive, with their crop hanging within reach of your lounger.

A favourite of designers of late is the matching of two square planters, each 500mm across

the top with a 1200mm planter. Or go big and robust with a pair of 600mm squares beneath a 1400mm trellis. With matching plants growing out and up your chosen trellis, you will create a beautiful and clean planting that will show off your favourite fauna.

From there, training the plants is easy. We like to start them off with a bit of a twist around the area of the trellis we'd like to see as the beginning of the feature, and then just let them do their natural thing as they wind their way up and around. Trim and thin as they grow along, and you will have created a wonderful feature wall or divider... or simply a stand alone planting with an iconic presence.

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