Canvas or Gallery

Whether you look at your garden or interior planting project as the canvas, or the entire gallery, it is very much a reflection of you.

Planter boxes and garden features of exceptional quality can enhance the entire look, subtly sitting in the background, or they can be the Picasso, adding drama and visual dialogue as stand out features.

At Tiny Anvil NZ we have designed our line of garden and design features to work alone, in groups such as a cluster of various planter boxes, or to integrate with each other. To the latter point, a cor-ten steel stair paired with screens and a water feature, strategically positioned along a garden path or grouped together in a planned area add an element of human design while retaining the organic feel that such a design calls for.

Our focus on the use of gloss and matte black, along side the rustic cor-ten steel, is quite purposeful, as we find the subtlety of these pallet textures accentuate the plantings in a manner that allows the greenery to remain the focus while subtly melding with the vessel in which it is presented.

Regardless of where you are placing your potted plants, what type of planting you are utilising, or if you are combining styles colours and different garden features, Tiny Anvil NZ has the Robust & Beautiful item to finish the look with elegance and sophistication that is fitting for your masterpiece.

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