Making A Statement In Your Entranceway

The next time you walk down your average urban or suburban street, affiance to do it with a keen eye, open to experience great design. Do that, and you will start to notice that some homes have a front entrance that simply distinguishes it from the rest. Perhaps it's the way the architect created depth and texture, perhaps it's an elegantly painted door that sets it apart from the structure, or, quite likely, it's the use of a combination of plant and planter that ever so subtly draws the eye.

For choice, the style, colour and size of the planter will depend both on the plant, and its surroundings. Regardless of what is used, it is a simple and cost effective way to add elegance and design to what could be a rather banal introduction to that prized position that is your home.

Tall planter boxes with strong design (think tall tapered or cylindrical columns), in combination with grasses or small topiary, tell a story that focusses more on the vessel than the planting, whereas a smaller, simpler planter (think low square or round) will allow the focus to go to a plant. For the latter, a dwarf citrus, well watered and fed, in a nice sunny space at you front entrance (an area that acts as a micro-climate) will not only look spectacular, but it will also flourish in it's insulated environment. Or equally as good, from our perspective, a tropical frangipani or well pruned gardenia will wonderfully fit the purpose.

Of course this style of "introduction" to your property is certainly not confined to the front entranceway. Placed either side of the garage door, the front drive, or the entrance to the yard or garden, the right planting in an elegant planter box will define the threshold, and fill an otherwise empty space with something stylish, yet subtle.

Regardless of the style, size or colour, the right planter box paired with the perfect planting will create anticipation, and ensure that the first thing people experience upon entering your property will be something that starts a story. A story that tells of the elegance that can be expected within the walls and fences of the property they are entering. Done right, your guests will be unaware of why, but will instinctively know, that what is to come is something special; because everyone who is a lover of great architecture and design is in their own right an artist, and their home is their canvas. Make a statement with your entranceway.

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