Support Your Plants

Personally, when it comes to supporting growing plants, I've found in the past that my use of everything from old rebar, bamboo stakes that have seen many a growing season, and even the odd narrow branch has delivered a variety of results, and a rather unkempt look.

As we are very much "in to" not only delivering a great looking product for your planted areas, one that will enhance the beauty of your chosen fauna, but also delivering functionality.

After having a browse of what is out there, and considering what we liked, and what we want to see in our own garden, we decided to devise a line of robust steel plant supports that would look great, and be fit for purpose. Of course, as always, we had to go with corten weathering steel to ensure both the timeless look, and fortitude, were not sacrificed.

Our line of column plant supports (boring name we know... but smashing items nonetheless) comes in three sizes, 1m, 1.5m and 2m in height. Our loop, rather reminiscent of those wonderfull wine glass holders for the beach or grass, is super simple, and can easily be utilised on narrow trunked trees, and of course established berries or tomatoes.

The crowning glory of the line are, of course, our aptly named Ruapehu and Egmont corten archways. Standing 2.5 m in height (unanchored) and available with a variety of over the top extenders, our fabulous archways will perfectly bolster you favourite climber in whatever setting your design eye may take your landscape endeavours.

This summer let Tiny Anvil NZ support both your landscape aspirations, and the wonderful fauna that takes centre stage amongst them.

(For a bit of fun... Why not join us enjoying some fine bubbles, and our fantastic corten brazier as we relax and cook up more than end of week trouble)

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