The elegance and ease of bottomless Corten planters

Versatility & Functionality in Landscape & Garden Design

#cortensteel is not only an incredibly functional material, but it also has the double advantage of being timeless and in vogue.

Our line of bottomless #corten #weatheringsteel planter boxes offers a variety of sizes and designs to ensure your project is afforded the correct scale and design. Available in both square and round, these #planterboxes allow anything from large trees and shrubs, to raised bed flower or herb gardens.

Plant a delightful citrus and surround it with jasmine. Utilise the height to make tending your raised herb and vegetable beds incredibly easy.

No matter the planting, the scale or the design #tinyanvilnz bottomless planter boxes offer the functionality, versatility, and availability to make finish off your landscape or gardening project in spectacular fashion.

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Southland Corten Splendour: Designer Showcase
This beautiful Southland design creation, courtesy of Nathan from Fat Hippo in Invercargill, shows of just how splendid a result one can achieve with the right use of the right element, in the right setting... and in this case with our @tinyanvilnz corten steel bottomless round planters, a spectacular patio entertainint
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