Tis' The Season... For Fireside Entertaining

Ahh yes, spring is in the air. The days are getting longer, the afternoons are getting warmer, and the drinks are getting cooler.

What better way to enjoy all of the above, along with the banter of friends and family, or the solitude of just sitting by oneself, sipping ones favourite beverage, enjoying the warmth and ambiance of an outdoor fire, than with one of our line of premium quality corten steel outdoor fires.

We have something to cater for every persons taste when it comes to design, and size. As an example, our line of Deep Bowls ranges from 600mm in diameter, to the grand scale of our 1.2m example. In between we have a selection of square fires, as well as the iconic Hunua chiminea... all of them, of course, made with thick gauge corten weathering steel.

If you are of the culinary creed, then our Whitianga and Awhitu range of braziers will be the go. Available in 750mm and 900mm diameters, these fire bowls look amazing in place. With the handled Whitianga you can even, quite easily, throw it in the back of the ute and take it down to the beach. For ease, protection, and a very cool look (that also can double as a place to set ones drinks and nibbles) all of our fires have the option of adding a corten weathering steel lid.

Outdoor fires should be anything but banal. One should enjoy the warmth of the exposed flames while admiring the aesthetics of the design. Our fires are not glorified incinerators, nor are they meant to be... they are meant to be enjoyed as much, if not more, that the old days bonfire pit dug our of the ground and ringed with stones.

Have a perusal of our Instagram and Pinterest for some great ideas, and definitely head to our web site, and procure your own bit of warmth creating backyard art.

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