Bottomless Cylinders


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Size: 750mm diameter

650mm diameter
750mm diameter
850 diameter
1000 diameter
1100 diameter
1200 diameter
1350mm diameter
1500mm diameter
SKU: CY-CT-0750-BL

Corten Cylinder - 3mm thick with a top lip and a bottom lip for added strengthSizes

Diameter 650mm x height 600mm, 33kgs - $370 

Diameter 750mm x height 600mm, 39kgs - $425 

Diameter 850mm x height 600mm, 44kgs - $505 

Diameter 1000mm x height 600mm, 52kgs - $575

Diameter 1100mm x height 600mm, 57kgs - $610

Diameter 1200mm x height 600mm, 62 kgs - $645

Diameter 1350mm x height 600mm, 72 kgs - $720

Diameter 1500mm x height 600mm, 81 kgs - $795

These planters can be sunk into the ground to create different heights.

Perfect for planting trees in while still allowing the roots to extend into the ground. Great for raised vegetable gardens.

Photo of the 3 planters are the 1000mm x 600mm size.

Photo of the planters by themselves are the 850mm x 600mm size.

Additional Information

650mm diameter, 750mm diameter, 850 diameter, 1000 diameter, 1100 diameter, 1200 diameter, 1350mm diameter, 1500mm diameter